Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Sassy Mo'Lassy - a toast to the end of bad BBQ sauces

About a week ago, I was at the SoWa farmers market here in the South End.  While picking up some fresh peas and some amazing shitake mushrooms (picked that morning!), I found the holy grail of BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce has been a nemesis for me. You see, not only does it need to be gluten free, but it also needs to be corn syrup free....oh, and it has to taste good and not be sickeningly sweet. I will give props to Trader Joe's, who has a decent sauce but it's a little on the sweet side. That being said, Burnin' Love Sauces and I have started a very exclusive BBQ sauce relationship for the foreseeable future. I tasted their 1919, which is an awesome traditional sauce, but what stole my heart is their Sassy Mo'Lassy, a kicked up, spicy sauce that dances more than a two-step in your mouth. There's heat, there's sweet, and a whole lot of flavor. I'm pretty psyched to try their other sauces, some being fruit based.

I spoke with the company owner about their sauces, which are made in a factory that manufactures other possibly contaminating food. He was so kind about my concerns and he assured me that each batch is tested for the presence of gluten prior to bottling. So, the man is doing everything he can to keep us glutards healthy.

Yelle gives this sauce the blue ribbon...and five stars: *****

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fellow Glutards Unite!

If you're one of the lucky kids on the block who can't digest gluten or simply happen to be intolerant to all the different grains (wheat, rye, barley, sometimes oats), if you're a celiac, or if you eat gluten free for other reasons, this blog is for you.  I affectionately refer to myself as a "Glutard" or "The Glutard" and occasionally, "the problem child" of eating.

The goals:
1. Rating gluten free alternative products so that you don't buy the gross ones I already had the pleasure of spitting out...and so that you can demand the goods that are tasty in a non-cardboard-type way in a grocery store near you.
2. Review establishments that offer gluten free or accommodate us glutards so that other GF people can enjoy the sweet successes I've had.
3. Share good gluten free recipes that I've found, developed myself, or adapted.
4. Other ideas? If you'd like to see something, message or comment.