Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wicked - Dedham, MA

Hands down my favorite GF pizza place. All class, all flavor, all-the-freaking-time. I cannot seem to get enough of this place and because it's not in Boston or Cambridge, I definitely don't get out there enough.

Last night the Husband and I went on a post-holiday date to see The Hobbit and have dinner at Wicked. I have had almost all of their pizzas and a few other options from the dinner menu. Although I am always tempted by their dinner menu, which I imagine would be equally delicious, I cannot pass up the opportunity to eat pizza that tastes like real pizza. There's just enough chew in the crust to make me question if they actually gave me the GF version.

This time around we started with two new appetizers: their spin on a clams casino and parmesan rosemary flatbread. First, the clams casino, a dish I've always wanted to try but never had a GF opportunity to, was served not in the clam shell but in cremini mushrooms. The mushrooms brought an earthy flavor and paired well with the clams, bacon, and cheese. What I loved most? It wasn't overly bacony or cheesy. All the flavors really shone - it might have been the accompaniment of lemon that took it over the top. Second, the rosemary-parmesan flatbread was tasty, though I think they need to rethink the dipping sauces that are served with it. The flatbread had hints of cheese, garlic, and rosemary. By itself, it was quite good - the texture was fabulous. I wasn't a huge fan of the olive oil or red sauce it was served with as dipping sauces, but it really didn't need them.

The main course is always the pizza and after much hemming and hawing, I chose to try out a new one - the Steak Florentino. This was a killer pizza and probably ties in the butternut squash and blue cheese one for my all time favorite. The steak was perfectly cooked (med rare) and tender. The roasting those tomatoes before they hit the pizza - genius. Other toppings included caramelized onions, a high quality parmesan, herbs, and a good drizzle of truffle oil. Seriously, who doesn't love truffle oil? I will be eating this pizza again and again. The Husband gave it high praise too. I've never seen him enjoy a GF pizza so much.

Oh, and did I mention that this place had GF beer? Yup. I chose to pop some bubbly before dinner, but I've had the Estrella Daura that they serve and it's a nice pick for pizza + beer.

Five stars, for sure. Go eat at this place now. It's located in Legacy Place in Dedham, MA. And in case you missed the first link to it, click here to get to their website. While I've not been there (yet), they also have a location in Mashpee, MA.