Saturday, March 24, 2012

British Beer Company - Framingham, MA

British Beer Company has a very large Gluten Free menu. I've always been able to find something here that I enjoyed. It's not a GF foodie place, but there are many options. Though I've tried almost all of their salads (which I've found to be full of fresh veg and good protein), I've ordered their pizza a few times and it's been nothing to blog about...until now.

I've recently given up cheese and you might be wondering why, after I've stopped eating cheese, do I care to not only order, but write about the pizza? I mean isn't pizza all about the gooey cheesy stuff? Well, not for this gal any longer. I was swayed to try out BBC pizza again because of the buy-one-get-one pizza deal that even applied to the GF counterparts. I thought that GF Hubs might like to have some and/or enjoy it for the next day's lunch. Here are the results:
1. the shaved steak and veggie pizza is dynamite, even sans cheese. They really loaded the pizza with veggies and shaved steak. It was like eating a Philly cheesesteak with a little red sauce. I would order this pizza again and again - no cheese necessary.
2. the BBQ chicken pizza was redeeming, but the sauce was very sugary. I might order extra red onion and add avocado to the white meat chicken to make it a bit better. (I *may* have added the avocado to the left overs...)

Gluten free pizza hinges largely on how well they handle and bake the crust. While I can't speak for the Walpole, MA location's improvements, I can say that the Framingham people handle the crust adeptly. It's thin crust, but not crispy. As far as crusts go, there are many that take the cake over BBC's, but BBC sure can top a steak pizza like nobody's business!

Two and a half stars out of five.


  1. "I may or may not have added avocado to the pizza...." Hahaha :)

  2. Let's face it: avocado makes things better, most of the time. :)